BWE Partnership

Professional Energy Developments in Scotland since 2002

Site Requirements

BWE Partnership continues to look for land for large solar energy developments in the east of Scotland between Fraserburgh and Berwick-upon Tweed. We are especially interested in opportunities within east Angus, east Aberdeenshire and in Fife.

Other areas of Scotland could be of interest provided they have suitable levels of irradiation and grid availability.

Sites with the best levels of irradiation are generally located within 10 miles of the North Sea although this can vary with the local climatic conditions. The irradiation level can easily be checked by simply contacting Ron Shanks with the post code of the site using the contact form or by calling the number in the contact page.

The sites must be a minimum of 20 acres and up to around 50 acres, either fairly level or south facing, and they must be outwith a SEPA 1 in 200 year flood zone.

The land must be adjacent to or within 1km of a substation. In the Scottish Hydro Electric area, the land can also be suitable if it has 33kV power lines running over it.

All of the above items can be checked by simply contacting Ron Shanks.


BWE Partnership offer a 25 year lease for suitable sites with a tenant option to re-new prior to termination. The starting rental can be up to £750 per acre per annum for the best sites and it will increase on an upward only basis every five years. As an alternative, a percentage share of annual revenue can be offered should this be preferred.

There is also a possibility for the landowner to take a share in the project should this be of interest.

To allow time for BWE Partnership to gain all of the necessary consents and to be offered a grid connection there will be a requirement to enter into an Option Agreement before the lease commences.